Why Blue Cruise?

СНПЧ А7 Уфа, обзоры принтеров и МФУ

The process of discovery does not have to be confined to merely the external world but can at the same time be a spiritual discovery. Only with Blue Cruise, you could discover a bit more about the external world while discovering yourself.

During the Blue Cruise, most of the places you will visit has the wealth of civilasations and the culture is overwhelming: "private beach of Cleopatra, Cappadocia, the eternal fires of mount Olympos, Myria rock tombs, the archeological remains of ancient civilasations (even under sea). But besides this, only Blue Cruise will give you the second chance to make you realize there is so much to discover that you forget about yourself.

The sea teaches one; it is gentle but after a point, it makes no concession. Thus to learn about the sea is a bit like learning about life. You may not learn much about the sea from a Luxurious Transatlantic Cruise but you will find the size of the boat on which you do your Blue Cruise ideal for this purpose.

In Blue Cruise, you can throw of the routines imposed on you by modern life and go beyond the ordinary. Most of us live in large cities where the city lights dull the brightness of the stars. On the Blue Cruise you can see the stars very clearly. If your Blue Cruise coincides with the full moon, it is exceptionally beatiful in these parts. When there is no moon, you are in for another treat, Prosphorescene. It is the phenomenon created by tiny creatures invisible to the naked eye. In the pitch dark when you make a movement in the water, it glitters as for example when you are rowing. At the point where the oar touches the surface of the water, there will be circles of light. The drops of water splashing from the oars will drop on the surface of the sea like a shower of stars.

Swimming on a pitch dark night is an incredible experience, like a narsisistic pleasure. Now imagine you will be lying on the deck and alone with stars while the sea is quite choppy with in the gulf or imagine visiting fishermen's vilagges isolated by the bay during the day.